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With the official promulgation of the Personal Information Protection Law not long ago, my country has taken an important step in maintaining the security of personal information in the digital age and promoting the development of the digital economy.


Regarding issues such as foreign-related digital activities and foreign-related personal information protection, the Personal Protection Law has also set a clear example. As a guideline for personal information protection cooperation between China and other countries or regions, it has far-reaching international significance.


Based on this, in order to better understand the impact of the Personal Insurance Law on the financial industry for offshore fund practitioners, Pampas Technology, OP Investment Management Co., Ltd., and AllBright Law Firm jointly Recently held a webinar: "The Personal Information Protection Law is promulgated, what you need to know about offshore fund operations".


This event will be carried out in the form of an online live broadcast. Three guests with different industry backgrounds will share their views based on the "Individual Protection Law" from three aspects: offshore asset management and data security, legal framework analysis, and financial technology assistance. "Relevant views and professional opinions on implementation.

​event guests



Co-founder, Chief Product Officer

CFA, CFP holder, was responsible for Ant Wealth products and Hong Kong brokerage business product line; 10 years of B2B enterprise services (ERP) and operators, 10 years of experience in wealth management.


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