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Unified Account Solution

Provides client multi-account aggregation, reporting and investor services for Family Office/ Independent Asset Manager (MFO/IAM) institutions.

Client-Centric Digital Services


Unified account
core system


Internal & external data integration

Bill identification

Data structuring

Unified display of assets

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Asset allocation & reporting engine WePortfolio

Portfolio analysis

Classified asset insights

Configure target combinations

Customized investor report


Admin Affairs &

document management


Custom configuration transaction form

Multi-role online collaboration

Centralized archive of documents

Label customization management


Customized content & service center


Family custom applet

Cultural content precipitation

Asset convenient query

Integrated service appointment

WeOne|Unified Account
Core System

Internal and External Data Integration

Integrate scattered asset data of customers and support system API docking

Bill Identification

Intelligent identification of private bank bills, unified management of customers' private banking assets

Data Structuring

Take the client as priority, realize the structured management of account, product and position data

Unified Display of Assets

Cross-account, cross-asset type, and cross-regional assets are displayed in a unified manner, which can be checked with one click


WePortfolio|Asset Allocation & Reporting Engine

Portfolio Analysis

Analyze the return and risk indicators of the investment portfolio as a whole

Classified Asset Insights

Support independent analysis of equity, fixed income, policy and alternative assets, and in-depth diagnosis of assets

Configure Target Combinations

According to the customer's income, risk, and major asset preferences, personalize the target investment portfolio and compare it in real time

Customized Investor Report

Investor report templates can be customized, and data can be automatically populated to generate reports in real time

WeMatters|Admin Affairs &
Document Management

Custom Configuration Transaction Form

Support custom creation of transaction types for customers, accounts, products, and positions

Multi-role Online Collaboration

Customized configuration of online collaborators, unified online management of transaction processes

Centralized Archive of Documents

Unified collection of legal documents, service materials and other documents

Label Customization Management

​Support configuration of custom document labels, flexible management of various documents


WeTri|Customized Content & Service Center

Family Custom Applet

Customized family exclusive brand applet, set visibility permissions as needed

Cultural Content Precipitation

Provide an online private place for family content precipitation, and accumulate family culture and temperature

Asset Convenient Query

Provide a convenient asset query portal, and control the distribution of family assets at any time

Integrated Service Appointment

Bearing the service appointment portal, customers can independently book comprehensive services such as corporate governance and charity consultation

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