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Alternative Investment Solution

We provide unified operation and investor services for domestic and overseas licensed alternative investment management institutions (private equity managers).

​Define a Personalized Solution




Free layout of the page Rubik's cube, with independent content

Release, channel white label distribution.


Process Personalization

Define compliance configuration, combine multiple suites to personalize business processes, and independently build organizational structure and division of labor.




Data board building, product report customization,

Investor reports are personalized.

Online Compliance Transactions


Online Fund Marketing

Support graphic, video, live roadshow preheating in various ways.

Product shelf one-click managing, product elements clear at a glance.


Middle Platform Overall Planning

One-stop management of products, clients, and account operations, leaving traces throughout the operation

​Product Archive Management

​Product full life cycle element status record


CRM Management

Partner management, capture potential business opportunities


Client File Management

Client KYC data management, KYC file update, latest asset information, unified online management


Transaction Share Management

Online examine and approve transaction results, confirm and register share, record share change, and preserve a complete historical transaction

Investment Management Analysis

Product Position Management

Product underlying asset query management, support synchronization with external TA

Product Performance Analysis

Product operation net worth performance analysis, risk analysis

Product Operation & Maintenance Management

Product operation asset, expense management, product TA transaction data management

Strategy Analysis Board

Such as product management performance board, and strategic performance board (customizable)

Position management, performance operation analysis, statistical analysis of strategic products


Efficient Post-investment Service

Equity Automation

Automatically read and import net worth data, and automatically fill and distribute net worth reports

Report Announcement Distribution

Fund operation report announcement management, upload and distribution

Flexible Post-investment Communication

Institutions self-configure, adapt to different types of funds and different post-investment service models

Unified Investor Portal

Investors' real-time position inquiry and redemption management

Using RPA technology to reduce repetitive manpower, one-click production and distribution of reports

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