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2021 will be a year of turbulence and uncertainty for offshore funds.


As one of the traditional offshore private equity fund centers, the Cayman Islands' Private Equity Fund Law 2020 and its registration rules have come into effect, and CIMA has raised the threshold for a series of fund compliance requirements such as individual fund registration, auditing, and valuation; There is also a continuing impact on business.

In addition, the focus of the management of the private equity industry is also changing. The consensus is that in the post-epidemic period, a deeper transformation is imperative, and the digital transformation of business and professional transformation of teams has become a major The dual focus of private equity firms.

The replay of "How to Realize the Compliance Operation and Digital Services of Offshore Funds" jointly sponsored by Private Equity SaaS Service Provider - Pampas Technology, FundAdmin Service Provider - Baishun Fund Services and AnJie Law Firm is now online.


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Co-founder, Chief Product Officer

CFA, CFP holder, was responsible for Ant Wealth products and Hong Kong brokerage business product line; 10 years of experience in B2B enterprise services (ERP) and operators, and 10 years of experience in wealth management.


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