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Global Family Office Solution

We can realize unified account books, asset allocation and unified service center for Global Family Office.

One customer multiple account system

Unified management of diverse wealth allocation of customers

Multiple account options

Support the allocation of accounts of all asset types in the market, covering stocks, private placements, public offerings, private banking, trusts, etc.

Asset allocation display

Optional multi-dimensional clear display of customer asset allocation layout

Portfolio Analysis

Combined revenue and attribution analysis of customer single and total accounts

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Open Product Engine

Access to diversified product counters

Intelligent Recommendation

Based on the portfolio analysis at the account level, intelligently recommend over-the-counter products

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Access to WeTAMP

Traceless access to WeAlt, WeTAMP's private equity fund counter
WeIns with insurance counter

Access to various counters

Access to other stock, public offering, private banking and other product counters as needed

Multiple types of compliance transactions

Support account opening transactions in different regulatory frameworks


SFC Class 1 License Business

Provide securities trading account opening business support



Private equity fund business

Domestic and overseas BVI, Cayman, etc.

Multi-type fund account opening and trading


Overseas trust business

Overseas trust account opening process configuration


Investor asset visualization

Asset type, region, profit and loss at a glance

Unified asset account collection

Investors can see the status of assets at a glance

​Visualization of investment area distribution

Fully demonstrate the global vision

Data AI real-time update

Asset dynamics and market dynamics at any time

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