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Global Life Insurance Solutions

Provide channel, policy and customer service for Hong Kong and Singapore insurance broker and agency licensees.

Life Insurance Planning and Policy Custody


Business Development Toolkit

Live training

curriculum structure

Content and Libraries

customer behavior analysis


Pre-sales support module

product comparison

automatic proposal

Introductory Fee Calculator

TR direct connection product consultation


Appointment / Signing / Underwriting

Custom Appointment Template

Mini Program Channel Reservation

Automatic policy generation

Underwriting automation management


Security service and renewal service

Security service

Policy View

Policy escrow

Renewal automation

Insurance Robot

Process Automation Robots

The access rate of insurance companies exceeds 96%, and the intelligent extraction rate exceeds 98%

7x24 hours response

24/7 online service with an average response time of less than 2 minutes

business capability evolution

Support automatic import of multi-insurance policies, automatic synchronization of renewal, administration & claims

Business Automation Engine

1400+ industry rule base, 50+ insurance company automation engine

AI anthropomorphic operation at the interface layer replaces repetitive manual labor


Front and back office collaboration and communication IM for wealth management institutions

Online Collaboration IM

cross-agency collaboration

Investment advisory, channel, TR upstream and downstream business collaboration

business process robot

50+ business scenarios are covered, and robots are automatically dispatched

Automatic filing

Relevant personnel are automatically aggregated, and business priorities are automatically managed

session archive

Data is permanently stored in a privatized database


smart workbench

Customer lifecycle management

Automatically prompt the current business orders that need attention, so that consultants can work smoothly

WeChat public account push

Real-time grasp of the progress of business orders, the first time to understand the dynamic

Standard + custom product library

According to the organization's own needs, you can choose to sell products and customize the product library

Data recovery

Business flow data is fully recorded, and conversion analysis is clear at a glance

Desktop Cockpit, Data-Driven Business


Flexible adaptation to various business models

Channel operation management

Comprehensive control of business data

Multi-dimensional analysis of operational data, channel conversion rate is clearly visible

Compilation of multi-version introduction fee schedule

Introduction fee automatic calculation/settlement track record, accurate reconciliation

Flexible organizational structure

Support B2B2C, B2C multi-mode

Personalized business statistics

Support custom channel operation report development

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