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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our services, products, data security, and more.

If you have any other related questions, you are also welcome to contact us directly through the dialog box at the bottom right or apply for a trial .

What services does Pampas provide?


We focus on the private wealth management industry, focusing on investor services, providing digital solutions and technology implementation for asset management and wealth management institutions. To learn about our 4 major solutions, visit the specific solutions page:

• Unified ledger solution

• Alternative investment solutions

•Global Life Insurance Solutions

• Financial institution wealth management middle office


What is WeTAMP? What is the relationship with Pampas?


WeTAMP is the core product of Pampas. It consists of digital modules that are flexible, configurable, expandable, quickly implemented and continuously updated. It can help financial institutions to realize the online business of overseas insurance business, private equity fund business, overseas trust business and other businesses. It provides flexible marketing and business development tools and transaction management tools, and can still output investor services in a customer-centric manner on the basis of complex business.


For financial institutions with data governance needs, WeTAMP can help build a unified data management center, build a single source of truth within the institution, and activate the institution's data assets.


WeTAMP has a complete open platform capability, which can be used for secondary development by institutions. It is highly customized based on the basic capabilities of the WeTAMP system. Click here to view the developer page.


How does Pampas keep the information of institutional clients safe?

Pampas Technology has the third-level protection certificate for information system security certified by the national public security system, meets the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations, and has obtained the internationally recognized ISO/IEC 27001 "Information Security Management System Certification", etc. A series of security certifications and powerful systems enable WeTAMP to fully guarantee the information and data security of contracting agencies.


Our GKS service* allows institutions to independently designate and keep secret keys to achieve completely independent control over customer data access, eliminating the risk of leakage. You can click here to view related customer cases.

Note: GKS service*, refers to cloud deployment customers, independent and hierarchical management of keys (software/hardware), so as to achieve complete protection of core customer data.


How are Pampas services charged?


The WeTAMP system consists of multiple business modules, and institutions can purchase/combine the corresponding modules according to their own business needs.

For standard SaaS deployment, the system charges an annual fee based on the subscription model, which consists of the basic system usage fee and the pay-as-you-go portion; WeTAMP also supports the individual development needs of organizations, and can choose cloud privatization, private cloud or local deployment. For a full quote, please contact us and we will get back to you within one working day.


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